Welcome to the Self Publishing Journey

Welcome to the new Self Publishing Journey website with me Andi the aspiring author from the UK Leeman.

Over the foreseeable I shall be sharing with you articles, video updates and tutorials of the things that I have done, learned and accomplished as I journey from factory worker to self sufficient self published author.

I shall share my successes as well as my failures, and I am certain there will be many of them. No journey runs smoothly does it?

As it stands I have 1 sci-fi story of 60,000 words written and ready to be edited and published.

I have 4 short stories which are part of the same series. They continuously follow each other and are a combination of crime and sci-fi thrillers crammed full of action totaling another 60,000 or 70,000 words.

I have also written a 12,000 word children’s book in need of editing and illustrations.

My plan is this:

To become self sufficient self published author earning a real monthly wage from my own writing.

To have earned enough to pay off my fairly large debts and to become debt free. (£100,000 within 2 years! Doable? We can all but try!)

To have a regular secure source of online income allowing myself and my better half Viki to move abroad and live in either Spain or Greece.

To share and teach others what I have learned and done during my journey.

I am in no way saying that I am a great writer, I might not even be a good writer but I do believe that I have a lot of exciting stories to share.

All there is left to say is this… let the journey begin!


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