About SPJ & Andi Leeman

Hello there and thank you for stopping by and hopefully following me on my journey into the confusing and scary world of becoming a self published author.

My name is Andi Leeman and I am an aspiring author from the UK. 

This is me apparently ignoring the better half while at a cafe in Gibraltar. I don’t know what she means! This is photographic proof apparently! 🙂

As I start this blog/journey it can be said that I am a million miles away from what and where I want to be. I am a part time/evening and weekend/when I get the chance writer who is currently working in a local factory as a workshop supervisor and maintenance man among other duties.

I have been a paid writer in the past, I was kinda ‘living the dream’ working from home when I was working as a content creator for a media company. I had worked for them in their offices but left to become a ‘remote’ worker on a rolling month by month contract – on less pay.

One of my articles on one of the free websites I used to write for.

How One Man Generated $746,256.61 In 2014 Using What Was Thought To Be An Outdated Business Model

I spent a lot of time writing ‘how to’ tutorials for membership websites. I wrote long in depth articles and created full video tutorials with eBooks teaching people many ways to profit online. One module was about publishing books to Amazon Kindle. For that module I had to ‘show the know’ and make an example. Video tutorials don’t work very well if there is nothing to show in them.

So for that module I wrote my first short story, it was the story of a postman from Southampton in the UK being caught up in a zombie apocalypse. The book was called Bernard Cooper Zombie Slayer: The Great Outbreak. This was published to Amazon Kindle and the dream was born.

The Bernard Cooper books on Amazon Kindle

Since then I have written several other short Bernard Cooper stories but they have not sold well but then what would sell well if you add them to Amazon and don’t promote them? To promote them I would need more time and focus. I had so many story ideas in my head that I wanted to write them and just keep adding stories to Amazon – there are people doing extremely well by adding short stories to Amazon regularly – I wanted to get a lot of good stories out there but it wasn’t going to happen while I was doing what I was doing.

I enjoyed working for the media company, I enjoyed doing what I was doing, It was great but – the pay wasn’t.

As I was the only earner in the house due to my better half Viki being unable to work thanks to conditions called ME & Fibromyalgia I had to supplement my earnings by working as a carpenter and joiner, a trade I was skilled at and had been in for nearly 20 years before becoming a website content creator.

My days were filled doing woodwork and building work alongside a family member – who was also a carpenter & joiner – and my evenings and weekends were spent doing the website work and content creation. Nothing else was getting done. Creative writing was nonexistent and my dreams would never be achieved if I carried on the way I was. Something had to change – and it did.

Completely out of the blue I was offered a job. Not the best job in the world, nor was it the most exciting. But it was regular, the pay was good, there was security of the wage and I would have my evenings and weekends free.

So I took the decision to chase the money and to free up some time allowing me to chase my dream of becoming a self sufficient self published author working from home. So here I am, ready to start my journey on this new career plan. During the day I am a mild mannered janitor, keeping a workshop clean, taking in deliveries, sending out orders, doing maintenance and anything else which is asked of me. My evenings are now free to write and do other things like convert my 1030 12″ records to digital. (A story for another day)

This is the plan:

To become self sufficient self published author earning a real monthly wage from my own writing.

To have earned enough to pay off my fairly large debts and to become debt free. (£100,000 within 2 years! Doable? We can all but try!)

To have a regular secure source of online income allowing myself and my better half Viki to move abroad and live in either Spain or Greece.

To share and teach others what I have learned and done during my journey.

The story so far:

I am in no way saying that I am a great writer, I might not even be a good writer but I do believe that I have a lot of exciting stories to share. I also believe that I am a good storyteller and that to me is paramount. The story is the important part for me, not always the way it is written.

As I write this I have 1 sci-fi story of 60,000 words written and ready to be edited and published. It requires a cover too.

I have 4 short stories which are part of the same series. They continuously follow each other and are a combination of crime and sci-fi thrillers crammed full of action totaling another 60,000 or 70,000 words. I am undecided whether I am going to run this as a series of short stories or combine them all into one full book. The better half wants them to be combined into a novella or novel. I have started the fifth story in the series.

I have also written a 12,000 word children’s book which needs editing and illustrations doing. I am quite excited about this one. Children’s stories can do quite well on Amazon.

I have several other books bouncing around in my head.

So that is about the size of it, all there is left to say is this… let the journey begin!