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Self Publishing Journey

Learn how to earn a full-time living as a self published author and writer.


For me, Self Publishing is a way of Life…

And it should be for you too.

Self publishing is about having fun AND making money.

You need money to live, without it you cannot keep your dream of being a writer alive… and the last thing we need is another starving artist.

Get paid for you craft, be paid for your work.

Self Publishing Benefits

Self Publishing Gives You Financial Freedom & Control Of Your Own Work!

Writing Fiction

Writing fiction is great fun… and it can be incredibly profitable too.

Writing Non-Fiction

Writing non-fiction is often about problem solving… solve a problem and make a lot of money in the process.

Writing Children’s Books

Children’s books never age. Children read books today which were written decades ago. children’s books are an evergreen cash cow.

Earn Money Writing

There is more than one way to make money publishing your own written content.

Being Paid To Write

There are numerous ways to be paid to write for a living.

Writing Tips

Learn how to become a highly paid writer.

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What people are saying.

Great website, great content, great masterclass… I’ve lerned so much I am now a self-published author making money full-time.


Thanks to the information on this website, I am now a freelance writer working from home – or wherever I happen to be at the time – and making six figures a year.